Well what a day that was. I remember I was hurrying (as quickly as I could) past the Museum of Childhood, when I heard some unmistakable noises coming out of the window. And sure enough, a quick peek inside and there they were, the Clangers! We had a jolly good old chat about the old days; I especially enjoyed our discussions about boat building and the different ways of knocking together a dustbin lid.

Whilst in the neighbourhood I felt I really must pay a visit to Pogles Wood and catch up with that fellow curmudgeon Mr Pogle – a chap I have always admired. We put the world to rights and thankfully that pesky squirrel Tog let me get a word in edgeways.

They asked me to have another word with that evil witch but I fear I may have aggravated the situation by suggesting she tidied herself up a bit….

Never mind; I quickly departed before the shrieking and wailing got too much for me and popped in to a lecture being given about King Noggin in the Great Hall,

before paying my respects to that dozy old ball of fluff Bagpuss and those very skilled little mice that tolerate him:

All in all, a good day out, killing two birds with one stone and all that…… I might even go back there (if I ever find my way out of this maze…. I think it said Memory Lane or something back there….)