Mr Watt’s printed books:

The Leaf Lady Cometh

Mr.Watt has made a right old mess, and The Leaf Lady has come to tell him off, on behalf of all the animals. Mr.Watt’s granddaughter Effie (Fe for short) comes to the rescue! Only £4.99 (inc. P&P)!

20 pages, printed on 200gsm Silk paper 150mm x 210mm

Lionel, the very cross dresser

Lionel loves to show off his collection of clothes, but will they be appreciated?

The triumph of diversity over adversity ~ and only £4.99 (inc. P&P)!

24 pages, printed on 200gsm Silk paper 150mm x 210mm

Mrs.Choir, and her concerted effort.

Mrs. Choir has challenged Cycling Crab to a race ~ against all the odds!

Can she win? Find out for only £4.99 (inc. P&P)!

24 pages, printed on 200gsm Silk paper 150mm x 210mm

 Posh~Dog and his light relief.

A wee tale of courtesy and satisfaction.

Mr.Watt accompanies Posh~Dog on a journey to the Gates to Satisfaction and Field of Relief. Should he have made enquiries before tagging along? Only £4.49 (inc.P&P) to find out!

16 pages long and printed on 200 gsm silk paper 150mm x 210mm

Mr Watt’s Books: 1-12

Each little booklet is 12 pages, printed on 250gsm paper and 150mm x 150mm in size. These 12 stories are also available as 4 iBook compilations with making video’s ~ see the iBooks section above.

Book 1: What Mr Watt?

That’s a very strange noise coming from Mr Watt’s shed – let’s check it out!!

Price: £1.90

Book 2: Mr Watt in "A turn for the worse"

Mr Watt? Wheels? Crabs? What’s going on??

Price: £1.90

Book 3: Mr Watt's Wind Section

Talk about funny noises!! What IS Mr. Watt up to now?

Price: £1.90

Book 4: Mr Watt in "Space... the final front door"

A quiet night out…SURELY nothing can go wrong now??

Price: £1.90

Book 5: Mr Watt in "Under Wear and Tear"

Oh no! Mr. Watt’s in the churchyard ~ I hope nothing goes wrong for him there!

Price: £1.90

Book 6: Mr Watt Reaches for the Sky

Up, up and away! (This might not be a good idea, Mr. Watt…)

Price: £1.90

Book 7: Mr Watt is Down to Earth

Mr. Watt is on top of the world! But not for long!!

Price: £1.90

Book 8: Mr Watt in "A Brush with Evil"

Mr. Watt has incurred the wrath of Mrs. Witch… what HAS he done?

Price: £1.90

Book 9: Mr Watt goes to the Museum

Mr. Watt goes to a real-life museum and donates his  treasured collection of artifacts.

Price: £1.90

Book 10: Mr Watt is "On the Wrong Track"

Mr. Watt gets into a shed-load of trouble!!

Price: £1.90

Book 11: Good Heavens Mr Watt!

Time stands still for no-one Mr.Watt! Could his past be catching up with him? Let’s see!

Price: £1.90

Book 12: Mr Watt misses the point

All that banging and welding! Mr. Watt must be making something very worthwhile mustn’t he? I hope so!

Price: £1.90